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  Culpepper Job Descriptions

Culpepper Job Descriptions provides descriptions and level-cutter guides for a wide range of jobs in IT, technology, life science, and healthcare organizations. With access to job titles across over 950+ families, you can accurately match more of your jobs.

Culpepper Job Descriptions and Level-Cutter Guides Include

  • Job Title
  • Brief Descriptions
  • Typical Experience (in Level Cutter Guides)
  • Level of Skill & Knowledge (in Level Cutter Guides)
  • Scope of Leadership (in Level Cutter Guides)
  • Level of Supervision & Independent Judgment (in Level Cutter Guides)

Our job descriptions and level-cutter guides are available in PDF, MS Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xls), and web formats, allowing you to easily download them to customize your own descriptions or import them into your HRIS and market pricing systems.

Job Families by Function and Specialty

Three Advantages of Using Culpepper Job Descriptions

  1. Create Effective Job Descriptions
    Our descriptions are easy to customize to meet your company's specific needs. We provide easy-to-follow guidelines and principles for using and creating your own comprehensive job descriptions.
  2. Improve Your Employee's Job Performance
    Well written job descriptions are crucial in defining the purpose of a job and clarifying its necessity in your organization.
  3. Help Your Management Team With...
    • payroll equity comparisons
    • organizational structuring
    • recruitment, hiring, and placement
    • performance reviews
    • succession and promotion planning


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