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Consulting Services
Custom Solutions to Help You Overcome Challenges with Your Compensation Programs
Culpepper Consulting Services can help you develop thoughtful and practical solutions that align your compensation programs with your business strategy. Our experienced compensation consultants and analysts work closely with you at every step in the process to assess, design, and implement solutions customized for your organization. We are flexible, responsive, and within reach to help you achieve your goals.
Market Analysis & Review
Leveraging Culpepper’s broad and extensive compensation survey data allows us to analyze your organization’s current position within relevant labor markets. We highlight employee groups with pay that is significantly out of alignment with target markets and provide a detailed summary report of your market position with regards to base salary, short-term incentives, and total cash compensation.

Compensation Strategy &
Policy Development

A clear and concise compensation strategy is critical to successful plan design and administration. We help you identify key organizational values and goals based on your compensation needs and objectives. These concepts serve as the foundation for developing a salary administration program that aligns compensation with business strategy, culture, and resources.

Cost-to-Implement & Modeling
Before implementing any compensation programs, it is imperative to understand the budgetary impact to the organization. We provide detailed analysis on the cost to implement various base pay or short-term incentive scenarios.

Base Salary Structure Design
Developing and maintaining current salary structures for your organization is crucial to ensuring internally fair and externally competitive pay programs. We create custom base salary structures that combine market data with internal job valuation.

Short-Term Incentive Plan
Analysis & Design

Well-designed incentive plans align employee rewards with your organization's goals. We help you develop and implement incentive plans for individual positions and groups of employees.

Internal Pay Equity Analysis
Effective compensation design balances internal pay equity with external competitiveness. We provide a comprehensive summary of your organization's internal pay parity to highlight inconsistencies across employee groups.

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