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Healthcare IT The Culpepper Healthcare IT Compensation Survey includes a cross-section of over 190 job families from our Technology, Life Science, Operations, and Executive core surveys, covering medical information systems, medical equipment engineering & support, PACS, RIS, telemedicine, data analytics, data center, data storage & warehousing, digital marketing & media, eCommerce, HRIS, information security, information systems, network architecture & engineering, software administration & programming, software R&D, systems & network administration, technical project management, telecommunications, web administration & development, and more.

Job families in Culpepper Compensation Surveys include a wide range of levels from entry level associates to top executives, allowing you to accurately match more of your jobs.

Medical Information Systems
Job Families

Medical Information Systems
Medical Information Systems Management
Clinical Application Analysts (General)
Clinical Application Analysts (Epic)
Medical Content Specialists
PACS Administrators
PACS Technicians
RIS Administrators
RIS Technicians
PACS/RIS Administrators
PACS/RIS Technicians
Telemedicine Specialists

Medical Device/Equipment Support Job Families

Medical Device/Equipment Support
Medical Device/Equipment Field Support Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Technicians (BMET)
Durable Medical Equipment Technicians (DEM)
Laboratory Equipment Specialists (CLES)
Radiology Equipment Specialists (CRES)

Research Data & Information
Job Families

Research Data & Information
Clinical Data Specialists
Clinical Data Operators
Research Information Specialists

IT & Technology Executives

Chief Information & Technology Officers
Chief Information Officers
Chief Technology Officers

Information Systems Executives
Senior Information Systems Executive
IT Security Executive
Data Center Operations Executive

Analytics Executive
Analytics Executive

Digital Marketing / Online Services Executives
Digital Services Executive
eCommerce Executive
Social Media Executive
Digital Content Executive
Digital Marketing Executive

Informatics & Statistics Executives
Bioinformatics Executive
Biostatistics Executive
Medical Informatics Executives
Nursing Informatics Executive

Network Operations & Engineering Executives
Senior Network Operations & Engineering Executive
Network Engineering Executive
Network Operations Executive

Software Research & Development Executives
Senior Software R&D Executive
Software Development Executive
Software Quality Executive

Analytics Job Families

Data Analytics
Business Intelligence Management
Business Intelligence Analysts
Data Scientists
Data Quality Analysis
Report Analysts

Statisticians & Mathematicians

Information Systems Job Families

Database Administration
Database Administration Management
Database Administrators (General)
Database Administrators (Microsoft SQL)
Database Administrators (Oracle DB)

Data Storage & Warehousing
Data Control Administrators
Data Conversion Specialists
Data Librarians
Data Storage Administrators
Data Warehouse Management
Data Warehouse Administrators
Data Warehouse Analysts
Data Warehouse Developers
Knowledge Management

Data Center
Data Center Management
Data Center Engineers
Data Center Operators
Data Center Technicians

DevOps Engineers New
DevOps Engineering Management
DevOps Engineers

Email & Messaging Administration
Email & Messaging Administration

Enterprise Software Administration, Programming, and Analysis
Enterprise Software Solutions Management
ERP & CRM Administrators (General)
ERP & CRM Programmers/Analysts (General)
Microsoft Dynamics Administrators
Microsoft Dynamics Programmers/Analysts
Oracle Applications Administrators
Oracle Applications Programmers/Analysts Administrators Programmers/Analysts
SAP Applications Administrators
SAP Applications Programmers/Analysts

Software Applications Administration
Microsoft SharePoint Administrators
Software Application Administrators (General)

Help Desk & Audio Visual
Help Desk Management
Help Desk Technicians (Tier 1)
Help Desk Analysts (Tier 2)
Audio-Visual Technicians

HRIS Analysis Management
HRIS Analysts

Information Security & Data Recovery
Information Security Management
Information Security Architecture
Information Security Analysis
Data Backup / Recovery
Ethical Hackers

Information Systems Architecture & Testing
Information Systems Architecture
Information Systems Test Analysts

Information Systems Change Management & Audit
IT Change Management
Information Systems Audit Management New
Information Systems Auditors New

Information Systems Programming & Analysis (Internal)
Internal Business Systems Management
Internal Business Systems Analysis
Internal Business Systems Programming
Internal Business Systems Programming/Analysis
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Management
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Administrators
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Specialists

Network Architecture & Engineering
Network Engineering Management
Network Engineers (General)
Network Engineers (Cisco)
Network Architecture Management
Network Architects
Network Capacity Planners
Network Technicians

Systems/Network Administration
Systems/Network Administration Management
Systems/Network Administrators (General)
Systems/Network Administrators (Linux/UNIX)
Systems/Network Administrators (Microsoft Windows)

Telecommunications (Internal)
Internal Telecommunications Management
Internal Telecommunication Engineers
Internal Telecommunication Systems Administrators

Web Administration
Web Administration Management
Web Administrators

> Information Systems (General)
Information Systems (General)

Software Research & Development Job Families

Database Development
Database Development Management
Database Developers (General)
Database Developers (Microsoft SQL)
Database Developers (Oracle DB)

Geographic Information Systems Development
GIS Management
GIS Developers
GIS Specialists
GIS Technicians

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Architecture Management
Mobile App Architects
Mobile App Development Management
Mobile App Developers

Software Research & Development
Software Architecture Management
Software Architects
Software Development Management
Software Developers (General)
Software Developers (Java)
Software Developers (Microsoft .NET)

Software Usability (UI & UX)
Software Usability (UI & UX) Management
Software Usability (UI & UX) Developers
Software Usability (UI & UX) Designers New
Software Usability (UI & UX) Researchers New

Software Project Management
Software Project Management

Software Quality
Software Quality Management
Software Quality Analysis
Software Quality Technicians
Software Test Engineers

Web / Internet Development
Web/Internet Architecture Management
Web/Internet Architects
Web Development Management
Web Developers (General)
Web Developers (Java)
Web Developers (Microsoft .NET)
Web Designers

Technology Support Job Families

Technology Field Support
Technology Field Support Management
Hardware Field Support Engineers
Hardware Field Support Technicians
Hardware Repair Technicians
Network Field Support Engineers
Network Field Support Technicians
Software Field Support Engineers
Technical Field Support Project Management
Technology Field Support Engineers (General)
Technology Field Support Technicians (General)

Technical Product Training Job Families

Technical Product Training
Technical Product Training Management
Technical Product Trainers
Technical Product Training Coordinators
Technical Training Materials Specialists

Technical Project & Product Management Job Families

Technical Project & Product Management
Technical Project Management
Technical Product Management
Scrum Masters

Technical Writing & Editing Job Families

Technical Writing & Editing
Technical Writing Management
Technical Writers
Technical Editors

Digital Marketing & Media Job Families

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing (General)
Digital Advertising
Digital Asset Administrators
Email Marketing
Online Merchandising
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Specialists
Search Engine Marketing Management
Search Engine Marketing Specialists
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists
Social Networking & Digital Media
Web/Digital Content Analytics

Digital Media, Creative, and Content Production
Creative Management
Art Management
Graphic Design
Graphic Design Assistants
Audio / Sound Technicians
Video / Photography Management
Photography Editors
Video Editors
Video Technicians
Content Production Management
Creative Media Producers
Digital Content Producers New

Additional Technology and Engineering Job Families

Additional executive, technology, and engineering jobs are available in the following individual surveys.

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Job families in Culpepper Compensation Surveys include a wide range of levels from entry level associates to top executives, allowing you to accurately match more of your jobs.
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