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  Sales Job Families

Sales The Sales Compensation Survey includes 113 job families covering sales executives, sales management, sales operations & administration, business development, field sales, inside sales, product specialist sales, and strategic account sales. Job specialties by type of product and service sold include: bio/pharma, contract research & clinical lab services, digital advertising, digital media, hardware & electronics, IT services, medical devices & equipment, medical supplies and products, network & internet services, and software.

Job families in Culpepper Compensation Surveys include a wide range of levels from entry level associates to top executives, allowing you to accurately match more of your jobs.

Sales Executives

Senior Worldwide Sales Executive
Domestic Sales Executive
Domestic & Multi-National Sales Executive
International Sales Executive
Sales Operations Executive
Sales Support Executive
Contracts Executive

Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing Executives *

Business Development
Business Development Executives

Commercialization Executive
Commercialization Executive

* Marketing specific executives are available in our Executive and Marketing surveys.

Sales Operations / Support / Business Development Job Families

Sales Operations & Administration
Sales Operations
Sales Administration Management
Sales Administrative Assistants
Order Processors
Sales Training

Bid Administration & Proposal Analysis
Bid / Request for Proposal Specialists
Proposal Analysis

Business Development & Lead Generation
Business Development
Lead Generation
Relationship Management

Client Relations / Account Management
Relationship Management

Commission Analysis & Sales Planning
Sales Commission Analysis
Sales Planning

Contract Operations & Negotiation
Contract Operations Management
Contract Specialists
Contract Negotiation Specialists

Sales Engineering
Sales Engineering Management
Pre-Sales Sales Engineering
Post-Sales Sales Engineering
Pre- and Post-Sales Sales Engineering
Sales Engineering Support Specialists

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Sales Job Families by Type of Product/Service Sold

Jobs for sales management and sales reps are categorized by type of product and service sold.

Technology Products/Services Sales
Digital Advertising Sales
Digital Media / Entertainment / Online Content Sales
Hardware & Electronics Sales
Information Technology Services Sales
Network & Internet Services Sales
Software Sales

Life Sciences, Medical, and Healthcare Products/Services Sales
Bio / Pharma Sales
Contract Research & Clinical Lab Services Sales
Medical Devices: Implantable Sales
Medical & Scientific Equipment Sales
Medical Supplies & Products Sales

Other Types of Products & Services Sales
Other Types of Products & Services Sales

Sales Jobs by Role & Type of Seller

Within each type of product & service sold, specific jobs are available for a variety of different types of sales roles and levels.

Sales Management
Sales & Marketing Management
Sales & Professional Services Management
Field & Insides Sales Management
Field Sales Management
Inside Sales Management
Product Specialist Sales Management
Speciality Sales Management
Strategic Account Sales Management

Sales Reps
Field Sales Reps
Inside Sales Reps
Product Specialist Sales Reps
Speciality Sales Reps
Strategic Account Sales Reps

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Additional Sales Job Characteristics

Our customizable online reports allow you to drill down within specific sales jobs and job functions to view compensation data by several different sales-specific characteristics.

  • Primary Sales Channel and/or Type of Customer
    • Direct Sales Channel
      • Business
      • Consumer
      • Government
      • Hospital
      • Physician
      • Other Direct Sales Channel
    • Indirect Sales Channel
      • Distributor/Wholesaler
      • Managed Care
      • OEM
      • Retail
      • VAR / VAD
      • Other Indirect Sales Channel
    • Mix of Sales Channels/Types of Customers
  • Primary Type of Sales Account
    • New Accounts
    • Existing/Renewing Accounts
  • Primary Type of Inside Sales Activity
    • Inbound Sales Activities
    • Outbound Sales Activities
  • Annual Sales Quota / Target
    • Annual Sales Quota
    • Total Targeted Cash Compensation as % of Annual Sales Quota
    • Total Actual Cash Compensation as % of Annual Sales Quota
  • Other Types of Data Cuts & Segmentations

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Job Descriptions Job Descriptions

Culpepper Job Descriptions provides descriptions and level-cutter guides for a wide range of jobs in IT, technology, life science, and healthcare organizations. With access to job titles across over 950+ families, you can accurately match more of your jobs.
Learn More About Job Descriptions

Job Levels Job Levels in Culpepper Compensation Surveys

Job families in Culpepper Compensation Surveys include a wide range of levels from entry level associates to top executives, allowing you to accurately match more of your jobs.
Learn More About Job Levels

Job Matching Service Job Matching Service

The Culpepper Job Matching Service can save you time and improve the accuracy of your compensation benchmarking by helping you match your organization's jobs to jobs in Culpepper Compensation Surveys.
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Download Brief Job Descriptions and Level-Cutter Guides

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