Job Matching Service
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Job Matching Service
Save time and improve the accuracy
of your compensation benchmarking
Job Matching Service

The Culpepper Compensation Survey Job Matching Service can save you time and improve the accuracy of your compensation benchmarking.

Accurate Job Matches are Critical
Job matching is the foundation of market pricing compensation for jobs. Before benchmarking compensation, it is critical that you first accurately match your organization's jobs to the most appropriate jobs in our compensation surveys.

Engagement with Culpepper Compensation Specialist
Our job matching service provides you with the benefit of engaging in a process with a Culpepper Compensation Specialist, who will work closely with you to provide suggested matches for how your organization's jobs match to jobs in Culpepper Compensation Surveys.

If you have already matched your jobs to Culpepper jobs, we will audit your existing job matches to help ensure that you are using the most relevant matches.
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Our Job Matching Service is included in Compensation Survey Solutions with a Premium or Elite license.
To learn more or request a quote, please get in touch with our team with details about your needs.
Additional Job Analysis Services

Do you need guidance with analyzing and benchmarking your jobs? Or help with standardizing your jobs and creating job descriptions?

Before your jobs are matched for compensation survey participation and benchmarking, our consulting services team can help you analyze and standardize your organization's job titles, levels, and descriptions.

Through reviewing existing information in your organization, such as organization charts and job descriptions, interviewing leadership or jobholders, managing the completion of position questionnaires, or a combination of multiple approaches, we can help ensure compensation decisions are based on relevant and accurate job information.
Culpepper Consulting Job Analysis Services include:
  • Standardization of job levels and titles.
  • Development of career framework / levels.
  • Development of job descriptions.
  • Job matching for compensation survey participation and benchmarking.
To learn more or request a complimentary proposal, please email us details about your needs.