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  Life Sciences Job Families

Life Sciences The Life Sciences Compensation Survey includes 212 life science job families covering life science executives, clinical research & development, clinical services, laboratory services, medical & disease science, pathology, research data & information, research & development, production, product quality, professional services & field support, life science operations, and more.

Job families in Culpepper Compensation Surveys include a wide range of levels from entry level associates to top executives, allowing you to accurately match more of your jobs.

Clinical R&D Job Families

Clinical Research
Clinical Project Management
Clinical Research Management (M.D.)
Clinical Research Management (Non-M.D.)
Clinical Research Assistants
Clinical Research Coordinators (R.N.)
Clinical Research Coordinators (Non-R.N.)
Clinical Research Interviewers
Clinical Research Monitors
Clinical Research Specialists
Clinical Feasibility & Patient Recruitment Specialists

Clinical Development
Clinical Development Specialists
Clinical Outsourcing Specialists
Translational Scientists

Clinical Services, Pharmacy, and Pathology Job Families

Clinical Services
Clinical Trial Services Management
Clinical Trial Services Specialists
Clinical Trial Education Specialists
Clinical Trial Nurses (LPN/LVN)
Clinical Trial Nurses (R.N.)

Medical Pathology
Pathology Management M.D.
Pathology M.D.
Pathology Assistants

Pharmacy Management
Pharmacy Technicians
Pharmacy Buyers

Laboratory Services &
Animal Facilities Job Families

Animal Facilities
Animal Facilities Management
Animal Care Compliance Specialist
Animal Care Technicians
Veterinary Services Management

Laboratory Facilities
Laboratory Services Management
Cytogenetic Technologists
Glass Washers
Laboratory Aides
Laboratory Instrument Calibration Technicians
Laboratory Technicians
Medical Technologists (Certified)
Quality Control Laboratory Technicians
Specimen Handlers
Sterile Processing Technologists

Life Science Operations
Job Families

Documentation & Writing
Medical Writing Management
Medical Editors
Medical Writing
Scientific & Medical Documentation Clerks
Scientific & Medical Documentation Coordinators

Health Economics & Outcome Research
Health Economics & Outcome Management
Health Economics & Outcome Researchers

Medical Information & Drug Safety
Drug Safety
Medical Device Safety
Medical Information

Regulatory & Medical Affairs
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Medical Affairs Specialists
Medical Science Liaisons
Regulatory Affairs Specialists (Life Sciences)
Product Label Writers

Life Sciences Reimbursement Analysis

Additional Operations Job Families
Additional operations job families (e.g., admin, HR, finance/accounting, legal, marketing, supply chain) are available in our Operations Survey.

Life Science Production Job Families

Life Sciences Production
Aseptic Fill Specialists
Aseptic Fill Technicians
Biotech/Pharma Production Specialists
Biotech/Pharma Chemical Mix Technicians
Fermentation Production
Purification Production
Validation Engineering
Validation Technicians

Additional Production Job Families
Additional production and manufacturing job families are available in our Technology and Operations surveys.

Life Science Professional Services & Support Job Families

Life Science Consulting
Clinical Trial Consulting

Life Science Support
Biomedical Engineering Technicians (BMET)
Clinical Education
Durable Medical Equipment Technicians (DEM)
Laboratory Equipment Specialists (CLES)
Medical Device/Equipment Field Support Engineering
Radiology Equipment Specialists (CRES)

Additional Professional Services & Support Job Families
Additional professional service & support job families are available in our Operations and Technology surveys.

Life Science R&D Job Families

Life Science Research Management
Life Science Research Science Management
Life Sciences Project Management
Biology Science Management
Chemistry Science Management
Disease Science Management
Medical Device & Equipment Management
Pharma Science Management

General Life Sciences Research
Research Scientists (General)
Research Specialists (General)
Research Technicians (General)
Research Professors (General)
Research Postdocs (General)

Animal Research
Animal Research Management
Animal Research Scientists
Animal Research Specialists

Biology R&D
Biology Scientists
Biology Specialists
Biology Technicians
Cell Biology Scientists
Cell Biology Specialists
Genetics/Genomics Scientists
Genetics/Genomics Specialists
Microbiology Scientists
Microbiology Specialists
Molecular Biology Scientists
Molecular Biology Specialists
Neuroscience Scientists
Neuroscience Specialists
Proteomics Scientists
Proteomics Specialists

Chemistry R&D
Chemistry Scientists
Chemistry Specialists
Chemistry Technicians
Analytical Chemistry Scientists
Analytical Chemistry Specialists
Computational Chemistry Scientists
Computational Chemistry Specialists
Fermentation Scientists
Fermentation Specialists
Medicinal Chemistry Scientists
Medicinal Chemistry Specialists
Organic/Biochemistry Scientists
Organic/Biochemistry Specialists

Epidemiology & Pathology R&D
Epidemiology Scientists
Epidemiology Specialists
Pathology Scientists
Pathology Specialists

Formulators & Assay Development
Formulation Specialists
Assay Development Scientists
Assay Development Specialists

Immunology & Virology R&D
Immunology Scientists
Immunology Specialists
Virology Scientists
Virology Specialists

Medical Device & Equipment R&D
Medical Device & Equipment Project Management
Medical Device & Equipment Engineers (General)
Medical Device & Equipment Technicians (General)
Electrical Engineers
Electrical Technicians
Electro-Mechanical Engineers
Electro-Mechanical Technicians
Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical Technicians
Polymer Engineers
Polymer Technicians

Imaging Research
Imaging Research Scientists
Imaging Research Specialists

Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics & Toxicology R&D
Pharmacokinetics Scientists
Pharmacokinetics Specialists
Pharmacology Scientists
Pharmacology Specialists
Toxicology Scientists
Toxicology Specialists

Life Science Research Data &
Information Job Families

Research Data & Information
Research Information Specialists
Clinical Data Specialists
Clinical Data Operators

Life Science Executives

Chief Medical & Science Officers
Chief Medical Officer (Life Sciences)
Chief Medical Officer - Corporate (Healthcare)
Chief Medical Officer - Subsidiary (Healthcare)
Chief Science Officer - Corporate
Chief Science Officer - Subsidiary

Clinical Research
Senior Clinical R&D Executive (M.D.)
Senior Clinical R&D Executive (Non-M.D.)
Senior Clinical Research Executive (M.D.)
Senior Clinical Research Executive (Non-M.D.)
Senior Clinical Research & Medical Affairs Executive
Clinical Trial Services Executive

Life Science Informatics & Statistics
Bioinformatics Executive
Biostatistics Executive
Medical Informatics Executives
Nursing Informatics Executive New

Life Sciences Operations & Support
Senior Laboratory Services Executive
Senior Medical Affairs Executive
Senior Drug Safety Executive

Life Science R&D
Scientific R&D Executives (General)
Scientific Research Executives (General)
Scientific Product Development Executives (General)
Senior Biology R&D Executive
Senior Chemistry R&D Executive
Senior Medical Device/Equipment R&D Executive
Senior Pharmacology R&D Executive

Life Science Product Quality
Biotech/Pharma Product Quality Executive
Medical Device/Equipment Product Quality Executive

Additional Executives
Additional executives are available in our
Executive Survey.

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