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  Executive Job Families

Executive The Executive Compensation Survey includes over 130 executive jobs covering top executives, administration, analytics & data, business operations, corporate development, customer support, engineering, finance, healthcare, HR, informatics, IT, legal, life sciences, manufacturing, marketing, privacy, professional services & consulting, regulatory & compliance, research & development, sales, software, technology, and more.

Top Executives

Top General Executives
Chief Executive Officer - Corporate
Chief Executive Officer - Subsidiary
Chief Operating Officer - Corporate
Chief Operating Officer - Subsidiary
President - Corporate

Top Operations Executives
Senior Group Executive (Multiple Divisions)
Division Executives
Operations Executives
International Operations Executives

Finance / HR / Administrative

Chief Financial Officer - Corporate
Chief Financial Officer - Subsidiary
Finance & Administration Executives
Finance Executives
Controllers (Executive)
Treasurers (Executive)
Accounting Executive
Auditing Executive
Financial Analysis Executive
Investor Relations Executive
Risk Management Executive
Tax Executive
Actuarial Executive New

Human Resources
Human Resources Executives
Compensation & Benefits Executive
Training / Organizational Development Executive
Employment Executive
Employee & Labor Relations Executive

Administrative & Facilities
Administrative Services Executives
Facilities/Real Estate Executive
Facilities Security Executive
Environmental Health & Safety Executive

Business Operations

Business Operations
Process Quality & Improvement Executive
Supply Chain Executive
Knowledge Executive

Customer / Product Support

Customer / Product Support
Customer / Product Support Executives
Customer Education Executive

Legal & Regulatory

Legal & Regulatory
Legal Executives
Compliance Executive
Government Affairs Executive
Privacy Executive
Regulatory Affairs Executive (General)
Regulatory Affairs Executive (Life Sciences)


Chief Manufacturing Officer
Manufacturing Engineering Executives
Manufacturing Operations Executives
Manufacturing Quality Executive
Materials Executive

Professional Services & Consulting

Professional Services & Consulting
Technology Consulting Executives
Business Operations Consulting Executives
General Business Consulting Executives

Sales, Marketing &
Corporate Development

Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing Executive
Senior Revenue Officer

Marketing Executives
Marketing Communications Executive
Marketing Research Executive
Public Relations Executive
Advertising Executive
Product Marketing Management Executive
Channel Development Executive

Digital Marketing / Online Services
Digital Services Executive
eCommerce Executive
Social Media Executive
Digital Content Executive
Digital Marketing Executive

Top Sales Executive
Product Market/Segment/Channel Sales Exec. New
Domestic & Multi-National Sales Executive
International Sales Executive
Sales Operations Executive
Sales Support Executive
Contracts Executive

Corporate & Business Development
Business Development Executives
Strategic Planning Executive
Mergers & Acquisitions Executive

Commercialization Executive

Fund Development
Fund Development Executive New

Project Management Executive
Project Management Executive New

Technology Executives

Chief Information Officers
Chief Information Officer - Corporate
Chief Information Officer - Subsidiary

Chief Technology Officers
Chief Technology Officer - Corporate
Chief Technology Officer - Subsidiary

Hardware R&D
Senior Hardware R&D Executive
Hardware Development Executive

Information Systems
Senior Information Systems Executive
IT Security Executive
Data Center Operations Executive

Analytics Executive
Data Executive  New

Network Operations & Engineering
Senior Network Operations & Engineering Executive
Network Engineering Executive
Network Operations Executive

Software R&D
Senior Software R&D Executive
Software Development Executive
Software Quality Executive

Technical Field Support
Technical Field Support Executive

Technology Product R&D
Senior Technology R&D Executive (General)
Technology Product Research Executive (General)
Technology Product Development Executive (General)
Technology Product Quality Executive (General)

Engineering Executives

Engineering Executives New
Product Engineering Executives
Engineering Design Services Executive

Life Sciences Executives

Chief Medical & Science Officers
Chief Medical Officer - Corporate (Life Sciences)
Chief Medical Officer - Subsidiary (Life Sciences)
Chief Science Officer - Corporate
Chief Science Officer - Subsidiary

Senior Clinical R&D Executive (M.D.)
Senior Clinical R&D Executive (Non-M.D.)
Senior Clinical Research Executive (M.D.)
Senior Clinical Research Executive (Non-M.D.)
Senior Clinical Research & Medical Affairs Executive
Clinical Trial Services Executive

Life Science Informatics & Statistics
Bioinformatics Executive
Biostatistics Executive

Life Sciences Operations & Support
Senior Laboratory Services Executive
Senior Medical Affairs Executive
Senior Drug Safety Executive

Life Sciences R&D
Scientific R&D Executives (General)
Scientific Research Executives (General)
Scientific Product Development Executives (General)
Senior Biology R&D Executive
Senior Chemistry R&D Executive
Senior Medical Device/Equipment R&D Executive
Senior Pharmacology R&D Executive

Life Science Product Quality
Biotech/Pharma Product Quality Executive
Medical Device/Equipment Product Quality Executive

Healthcare Executives

Chief Medical Officers
Chief Medical Officer - Corporate (Healthcare)
Chief Medical Officer - Subsidiary (Healthcare)
Chief Medical Officer - Corporate (Health Plan) New
Chief Medical Officer - Subsidiary (Health Plan) New

Healthcare Operations Executives New
Healthcare Revenue Cycle Executive
Managed Care Executive (Healthcare)
Academic Affairs Executive (Healthcare)
Healthcare Quality Management Executive
Patient Relations Executive

Healthcare Informatics Executives
Medical Informatics Executives
Nursing Informatics Executive

Top Health Plan Executives New
Health Plan Medical Director Executive
Health Plan Executive
Behavioral Health Plan Executive
Dental Care Plan Executive
Medicare / Medicaid Market Executive
Pharmacy Health Plan Executive

Health Plan Operations Executives New
Health Plan Member Services Executive
Health Plan Provider Network Contracting Executive
Health Plan Provider Network Operations Executive
Health Plan Quality Executive
Health Plan Service Operations Executive
Medical Claims Executive
Medical Underwriting Executive

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